Your Teeth Cleaning is Not Just a Teeth Cleaning

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We all know that regular teeth cleaning visits to your local dentist, along with brushing and flossing regularly, are an integral component of dental health. The reasons for this may surprise you, however. You see, your dental cleaning appointment is not just a simple dental cleaning. There is a lot more going on behind the scene that you don’t see (probably because you’re staring up at the ceiling), which is why you should never miss a professional dental cleaning with a certified dental hygienist. So, what else is the dental hygienist and dentist doing during these dental cleaning procedures? Let’s discuss the many reasons why your teeth cleaning is not just a teeth cleaning.
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Best and Worst Candies for Your Teeth

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Now that Halloween is over, we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving, soon followed by Christmas. It seems like everywhere we go, we are bombarded with candy and other sweets enticing us to eat them. As we approach the holidays, family gatherings and school and work parties are becoming more prevalent, and always present at these occasions are bowls of assorted candies and an array of desserts to eat. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ve probably wondered which candies and sweets you can enjoy without risking your dental health. To help you choose which sweets to partake in, here is a list of the best candy for teeth and the worst candy for teeth.
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Oral Cancer: Detection Through Dental Care

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When we think about regular dental visits, most patients anticipate a thorough cleaning, awkward conversation while the dentist has his tools in your mouth, and a little care package to take home, with a strict reminder to brush and floss. Do you ever wonder what the dentist is looking for—other than cavities—when they are in your mouth poking around? As with most other aspects of our preventative health, cancer screenings take place while in the dentist’s office as well. Oral cancer is a very broad term for any cancer in the mouth and the surrounding tissues, including lips, tongue, cheeks, hard and soft palate, sinuses, and the throat. Most of these areas are hard to see, so an extra set of expert eyes is the best detection for early signs of oral cancer.Read More

Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

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It seems like every day we get more bad news that yet another one of our favorite foods has been deemed harmful for our teeth. First, it was coffee and tea, and now even some fruits have made the no-go list. But there is still hope! The good news is there are some foods that can actually provide natural teeth whitening. These foods are good for your teeth and can counteract some of the ugly stains that those other foods can cause.Read More

Dealing with Teeth Grinding

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Sore jaws, headaches, disrupted sleep for loved ones—these are all symptoms of bruxism, otherwise known as teeth grinding. Most of us grind our teeth on occasion when we get stressed or anxious, and that’s okay. However, some people regularly grind their teeth and can cause long-lasting damage by doing so. Because most people are asleep when they grind their teeth, they often do not realize they are doing it. There are some signs and symptoms of teeth grinding that you can be on the lookout to find out if you are doing it. If you do grind your teeth, there are steps you can take to protect your teeth from possible harm.

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Smile Makeover: College Confidence and The Path to Success

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Going to college can be a major milestone for many young adults. Meeting new people, making friends from different cultures and backgrounds, discovering your strengths and skills, and applying for internships to further your career path are all a part of finding your personal identity. Whether you’re an incoming freshman, a senior approaching graduation, or a seasoned student striving for your Ph.D., getting through this formidable stage of life with a crooked smile, broken or stained teeth, or any other visual blemish to your smile can be hard to manage with confidence. A smile makeover will not only improve your Instagram photos or Snapchat selfies, but it could be a crucial part of what furthers your college career, like nabbing your dream internship or first job. Read More

You Are What You Eat: How Your Diet Affects Your Oral Health

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The old saying goes “you are what you eat,” and nothing rings truer when it comes to your dental health. Your diet is directly connected to the health of your teeth and gums—good and bad! We already know the biggest culprit to poor oral health is sugar, but this cavity-causing substance is found in many foods. Coffee and wine also get a bad rap for their staining power, but did you know that alcohol and acid are bigger issues? Let’s take a look at some of the worst and best foods for your mouth that you may not know play a role in its state of health.

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Mythbusters—Your Teeth and Oral Health Habits

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Longer morning and bedtime routines can take minutes away from scrolling through our Facebook or Instagram feeds or seem like a drag when you’re dead-tired or in a rush out the door. But if you assume a quick brush twice a day and flossing (when you remember…we’ve all been there) is all you need for a healthy smile, you might be surprised to know this is one of the many common myths about oral hygiene. Modern dentistry has come a long way from its roots—pun intended—of practices evolved from folklore and visits from the tooth fairy. Let’s take a look at four of the most common myths and debunk them once and for all.

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What to Do When a Child Breaks a Tooth

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Parents go to great lengths to ensure their children have healthy smiles. We go to regular dental checkups, orthodontic consultations, and ensuring they eat healthy food and use properly fitting personal protective gear such as mouth guards. Despite these extremes, healthy, active children can sustain tooth injuries that require immediate dental attention. While the thought of a child breaking or chipping a tooth seems like a horrible occurrence, there’s no need to panic if this unfortunate situation happens to you. Here’s our brief guide to “What to Do When a Child Breaks a Tooth.”
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Danger of At-Home Teeth Straightening Kits

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Many consumers have shown a keen interest in straightening their teeth without braces leading the way for clear brace systems such as Invisalign. The next innovation was the complete elimination of dentist supervision via at-home teeth straightening kits. Now, new teeth straightening options have seemingly exploded recently. However, are these at-home teeth straightening kits that are aggressively marketed across the US safe for your teeth?
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