Hospital Sedation

Dental phobia is a very real fear that causes very real problems for the sufferer. If dental disease remains unchecked, it can lead to compromised teeth and gums that require more invasive and costly procedures to correct.

Why Seek Hospital Sedation for Dental Care?

Dental care is extremely important. Not only can it provide you with a healthier mouth, it can provide you with a healthier life. Patients who let the effects of decayed or injured teeth remain untreated run the risk of developing gum disease. With symptoms such as swollen, red, tender gums, periodontitis also results in additional tooth loss and can put you at higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, and memory loss. If you avoid the dentist because of fear, a sensitive gag reflex, or even back or neck problems that make long procedures in the dental chair unbearable, talk to one of our compassionate dentists about general anesthesia in a hospital setting. In most cases, general anesthesia cases allow the doctors to complete all of your dental services in just one visit!

Soothing Sedation for Anxious Patients

Our dentists are extensively trained in treating patients in a hospital setting.  When you visit our general dental practice at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, we offer general anesthesia via the hospital’s operating rooms, which are located just down the hall from our office. Our dentists’ hospital privileges mean we’re able to treat patients that require hospital-based dental work under general anesthesia.  We work closely with hospital anesthesiologists and surgeons to guarantee the best dental care experience.

Good oral health can lead to a better quality of life. Don’t let fear of the dentist or uncomfortable medical issues stop you from getting the dental care you need. Talk to Dr. Williams or Dr. Wilson about general anesthesia in a hospital setting.