Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Disease, decay, and injury can all have a traumatic effect on the health and beauty of your smile, but don’t give up hope. The team at University General Dentists has the training and resources to give you back the strong, confident, healthy smile you once possessed. Full-mouth reconstruction combines the art and science of cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry to repair severely damaged teeth, occlusion (bite), and muscles.

The Why and How of Full-Mouth Reconstruction

When the health and integrity of your smile have been compromised significantly, it may take more than a few crowns or fillings. If you’re afraid to visit the dentist out of fear your smile can’t be restored, ask us about full-mouth reconstruction.

Using cutting-edge technology and the latest procedures, our dentists can recreate your smile. Full-mouth reconstruction involves an extensive, customized treatment plan that may include several or all of the following dental services: